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Dig through Tv's Github to discover all kinds of smaller projects.

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Presented on 2013-11-21 at the Los Angeles Gophers meetup.

Projects covered:

  • demand -- Download, build, cache and run a Go app easily
  • staged -- Run a command with the Git staged files
  • jog -- Structured logging library
  • birpc -- Bi-directional RPC library, including JSON-over-WebSocket
  • topic -- in-process single-topic pub-sub
  • adhoc-httpd -- Quick & dirty HTTP static file server
  • adhoc-httpd-upload -- Quick & dirty HTTP file upload server
  • humanize-bytes -- Command-line utilities to convert "MiB" etc to raw numbers, and back
  • json-point -- Command-line tool to extract parts of JSON documents, with JSON Pointer syntax
  • slug -- Create slugs of text or URLs, for use in e.g. URL path segments
  • base58 -- Encode numeric ids to pretty tokens for e.g. URLs
  • seed -- Demo of how to easily seed PRNGs with some entropy
  • twackup -- Back up your tweets
  • didyouseethis -- Retweet anything with certain keywords
  • upstart-socket -- Go library to listen on a socket handed in by Upstart (/systemd etc)
  • maildir-fix -- Fix maildirs after git has pruned empty dirs
  • msgpack-json -- Command-line utilities to convert between msgpack and json
  • spindown-idle-disks -- Spin down idle SATA disks. Because hdparm -S 120 just won't work