SCALE5x: Talk summary of the OpenWengo talk

More SCALE5x : Dave Neary is talking about OpenWengo . Note to self: Wengo = TelCo, WengoPhone = software, OpenWengo = project developing WengoPhone -- or something. At least it's not just .org for community and .com for services, even if the names are way too close to eachother.

Good quote (not his, didn't catch the name):

"People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill.
They want a quarter-inch hole!"

He recommended this blog for anyone interested in user interface design:

Choice quotes:

"Cross Platform (but sound on Linux is a disaster)"

"Surprisingly, for Microsoft, it's not SIP... pure SIP."
(talking about MSN Messenger)

They intend to implement XMPP-based transport mechanisms. Mentioned inkboard, an Inkscape extension(?) for whiteboard-style sharing of drawing over the internet.

They have games over OpenWengo (I guess XMPP?), like chess.

"Oh did I mention sound on Linux is horrible?"

Heh, we're calling audience members during the talk. From France. And it didn't work ;)

OpenWengo has cross-platform video conferencing. Wow.

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