The Phone Killer Phone

I now know what I want from my next phone. And it'll totally blow the whole phone concept out of the water.

Start with a mostly-open hardware platform like Neo1973 , add Linux (OpenMoko ) on top. And no need to cram in a clumsy qwerty keypad, just carry a one-hand keyboard when you care about it. Less clumsy when you don't want more than a phone, full SSH sweetness when you want it. The phone itself is purely touch-screen, and the keyboard can actually get respectable WPM with real keypress feedback. And the big part is, because the phone is actually Open, plugging all this in is not a big problem! That's just great!

2020-01-21T20:49:33-07:00, originally published 2006-12-02T15:46:00-08:00