About me

Hi, I'm Tv, known to some as Tommi Virtanen. I'm more used to being called by my initials, so please do that. And I tend to write them as Tv, with capital "T" and lowercase "v", mostly because that's what it looks like in my handwriting: the v sits under the horizontal line of the T.

To contact me, please use email. My email address is my initials at this domain. Alternatively, use firstname.lastname to send me email at gmail.com. The latter can also be used to IM me (Jabber). Yes, I am trying to obscure the address a bit, I get enough spam as it is.

What does eagain mean?

If you don't know your POSIX, EAGAIN is the error code you get when you are doing asynchronous programming with non-blocking sockets and would block next. Err, let's just say "I write async code and it's a neat insider joke", ok?